Woodcutting Guide

The Woodcutting Skill is quite easy. Here's a guide to get to Level 99

Required Items

Iron Axe, Rune Axe.

Getting Started

To get started, open your Spellbook, and click on "Skilling Teleport". You will now find yourself in the Skilling Area. Go into the small house, and open the Skilling Shop.

Buy an iron Axe and a Rune Axe.

1-30 Logs

Since there is no regular tree at the Skilling Area, you will have to cut one at Home.

14 Logs are needed untill Level 30

30-60 Willow Tree

97 Willows Logs are needed untill level 60

60-75 Yew Tree

134 Yew Logs are needed until lvl 75

75-99 Magic Tree

1291 Magic Logs are needed until lvl 99


You can get a Dragon Axe from the Dagganoth Kings, it will make Woodcutting way easyer and faster.

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