Ranged is the most used long range Combat Style.

Required Items

Shortbow, Magic Shortbow, Rune Crossbow, 200 Bronze Arrows, 100 Rune Arrows, 400 Ruby Bolts Full Green Dragonhide, Full Black Dragonhide, Ava's Accumulator.

Getting Started


1-85: Rock Crabs

85-99: Black Demons (Taverly Dungeon)


From Level 1-50 use your Shortbow and Bronze Arrows

From Level 50-61 use your Magic Shortbow and Rune Arrows

From level 61-99 use your Rune Crossbow and Ruby Bolts


Ava's Accumulator let's you use every Arrow/Bolt 5 times. So if you buy 100 Arrows/Bolts, with the ava's accumulator equiped, you will have 500 Arrows/Bolts.

Good luck!

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