Magic Guide


The Magic Skill can be really usefull to kill opponents from a distance, even Freeze them so they can't attack you. (Unless they use Ranged or Magic too)

Required Items

100 Air Runes, Earth Runes, Fire Runes, Water Runes, Mind Runes, Chaos Runes, Death Runes, 429 Nature Runes, Staff of Fire. 429 of any item.

Getting Started

Open your Spellbook, click on "Monster Teleport" and teleport to Rock Crabs. Equip your Staff of Fire, choose the "Spell attack style" and click on Wind Strike. New Spells will become available as you level up, make sure you use your new spells. Kill Rock Crabs until Level 55 Magic. Now its time to go "High Alching".

Click on your Spellbook and click on the "High Alchemy" Spell. Now use this spell on any item to turn it into Coins. Every Alch will give you 30,000 Xp. Alch 429 Items to achieve 99 Magic. Good Luck


When using High Alchemy on an item, try to keep the item on the same inventory spot as High Alchemy. This will make Alching 3x Faster.

Magic Attacks are weak against Ranged Equipment. and are more effective on Melee Equipment

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