The Al-Kharid Duel Arena is a place where all players can go to engage in one-on-one-combat, either for fun or for a prize. Duelling for prizes is referred to as staking.


To fight another player, players must right-click their intended opponent and select the "Challenge" option. The player must then select whether it is a friendly or staked duel. This will tell that player that someone wishes to duel with them, and they accept by challenging that player in return.

This will open the duelling options screen, which defines the parameters for the battle. The screen shows the name and combat level of the opponent, as well as what each player is offering up for a "bet", or a "stake".

  • No Ranged: No ranging weaponry can be equipped during the battle.
  • No Melee: Players cannot engage in hand-to-hand combat, including bare fists/feet.
  • No Magic: No magical attack spells can be cast.
  • No Special Attacks: Special attacks cannot be used.
  • Fun Weapons: The only allowed Weapons are the Rubber chicken, Flowers, Mouse toy, and other items that have very negative combat bonuses. Bare fists are not allowed, nor are snowballs as they are not able to cause any damage.
  • No Forfeit: Players cannot escape the arena; the fight lasts until one player dies.
  • No Drinks: Players cannot drink anything that boosts stats, such as Potions. All stats that are boosted prior to the fight are reset to their default values once the fight begins. This is available on free servers as well, as a free player can obtain a Strength potion.
  • No Food: Eating food and/or using the Phoenix necklace is not allowed.
  • No Prayer: Use of any Prayers is not allowed.
  • No Movement: Players can't move during the battle, and they start next to each other, which means they can still use melee.
  • Obstacles: The arena becomes like a mini-maze during the fight, also the fighting area is separated from the obstacle-free one.

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