Crafting GuideEdit

The Crafting skill is used to craft Gems into Amulets, and Leather into Ranged Armour.

Required Items

Chisel, 15-20M Coins.

Getting Started

To get started, open your Spellbook, and click on "Skilling Teleport". Now Open the Skilling Shop and buy a Chisel.

Buy Uncut Gems and use your Chisel on them.

1-20: 6 Uncut Sapphires

20-30: 7 Uncut Emeralds

30-40: 15 Uncut Ruby's

40-60: 32 Uncut Diamonds

60-99: 1847 Uncut Dragonstones


Keep your Chisel in the last Inventory spot, then spam click the Chisel and the Gem next to it for faster Crafting.

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