Barrows Minigame

Barrows is a minigame where you can obviously gain "Barrows" Armour
Barrows Brothers

There are 6 Barrows Brothers in the Minigame. Kill all 6 of them to claim your reward.


Barrows can be found under the "Minigames" Teleport in your spellbook. Make sure you bring a spade!

How to play

As soon as you teleport to the Barrows Minigame, you will find yourself in an area with 6 hills. The point of the minigame is to kill all 6 brothers. Each Barrow brother is located under a hill. You have to use your spade to dig into the hill. Now click on the Barrows Coffin to fight the Barrow Brother inside of it. In one of the coffins you will discover a tunnel, only take the tunnel when you have killed all 6 brothers. Whenever your Barrows armour is degraded, you can fix it by talking to the Weird Old Man in between the hills.


Verac's Helm, Verac's Flail, Verac's Brassard, Verac's Plateskirt

Dharok's Helm, Dharok's Greataxe, Dharok's Platebody, Dharok's Platelegs

Karil's Coif, Karil's Crossbow, Karil's Leatherskirt, Karil's Leathertop

Guthan's Helm, Guthan's Warspear, Guthan's Platebody, Guthan's Chainskirt

Ahrim's Hood, Ahrim's Staff, Ahrim's Robetop, Arhim's Robeskirt

Torag's Helm, Torag's Hammers, Torag's Platebody, Torag's Platelegs

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